S387 EAN:7638900026429

Energizer CR2 Lithium

Energizer® CR2 Lithium Batteries are suited for high drain electronic devices like digital cameras and camera flashes. With this battery’s high energy density, you can be sure that every shot will count. Its ability to cope with extreme temperatures makes it suitable for outdoor use, even out in the hot desert dunes or snow covered slopes. Its storage and operating temperature ranges from -40C to 60C.

  • Reliable performance for your camera
  • Holds power for 10 years when not in use
  • Type: Lithium
  • Volt: 3V
  • Replacement for: 1CR2, 5046LC, CR15H270, CR17355, DLCR2, EL1CR2, KCR2, RLCR2-2

Please note, packaging may vary while new designs are rolled out.

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