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1S 3.7V 3400mAh Li-ion battery with Molex 8283 2pin connector

These 3.7V lithium-ion battery pack is commonly used in various portable electronic devices such as CCTV, alarm systems, tablets, handheld lighting, portable speakers, handheld gaming consoles and many more. It provides a reliable power source for these devices, allowing them to operate efficiently without being tethered to a power outlet. Additionally, these battery packs are also used in small hobby projects, remote-controlled toys, and some low-power DIY electronics applications.


Please compare the DC plug image with your original plug to ensure that the RED and BLACK wires are correctly positioned as shown in the images before making a purchase.

This wiring polarity is typically the most common on the market, but in rare cases, the polarity may be reversed. If you need the wiring polarity to be reversed, please inform us through the message window, and we will make the adjustment before shipping.


Technical parameters

  • Model: 1S 3.7V  Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • DC Connector: Molex 8283 2pin
  • Cell: 18650
  • Capacity: 3400mAh
  • Fully charged voltage: 4.2V
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7V
  • Maximum discharge current: 6A
  • Standard charging current: 3A 
  • Protection: Built-in over charge and discharge protection
  • Dimension approx.: L66.5mm x W18.4mm (W22.3mm widest section including board and wires)
  • Wire length: 80mm
  • Weight approx.: 50g

Note: Batteries will only have test charge. Ensure batteries are fully charged to reach full capacity.

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